Monday, June 27, 2016

Galatians 5:16–26: A Poem

Flesh and Spirit,
At war and hostile,
Yet walk in the Spirit,
By faith in the gospel,

Should faith in Christ,
And the sufficiency therein…
Then partake of this grace;
Declare victory over sin.

Yet if the practice of flesh,
A license of licentiousness…
Behold the brink and thresh,
For severed from His Kingdom’s rest.

Desires of flesh,
Your passions are crucified dead.
In Christ, alive in the Spirit,
Free to follow Him instead.

Jesus the gospel root,
The cross the gospel tree,
The Spirit bears Spirit fruit,
Budding and blossoming bountifully.

Now love and joy bloom and tarry,
Along with peace, goodness, faith;
This ripened drupe, this lush berry,
A Spirit-wrought grace.

Yet pride, its evil head may raise,
As if harvest by human effort and work.
This to give one self-praise,
Ever does this trespass lurk.

Thus reap a final warning,
And cull a parting plea,
Sanctification, by grace through faith,
Utterly for God’s glory.

~ Tim Decker

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